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Bidding Assistance

After final approval of the contract documents, our firm will print and distribute the bid documents to prospective bidders. We also assist you with the bid opening, evaluations of the bids, and award of the contract(s).


Contract Documents

After approval of the design development, the contract documents are completed. These documents will clearly and concisely define where and how the work is to be done.The specifications are completed and a final statement of probable cost is refined. 

The scope of the project will determine the extent and nature of the “Contract Documents”. We have completed work with concept sketches to full drawings and specifications depending on complexity and construction methodology.


Schematic Design

The schematic design is represented in plan and perspective drawings and is obtained during the programming phase. These sketches will include: initial assessments, plans, elevations, sections, and details as necessary to illustrate the extent of work. At this time a preliminary cost estimate is developed for the proposed work.

During this phase options are explored and a solution is selected that combines the functional and aesthetic needs of the client within the constraints of site, budget, and schedule.

Design Development

With the approval of the schematic design phase, we prepare design development documents. These documents contain additional details of the schematic plans and consist of the following:

  • Plans indicating the location of the work.
  • Drawings describing how the work is to be completed.
  • A more detailed cost estimate.
  • Identification of possible alternates if appropriate.

Program Development

Through a participatory planning process, we may suggest various thoughts, ideas and options for consideration; however, we will not dictate, as we believe working together we can develop the best solution. 

All appropriate individuals/entities will be brought together along with the accumulation of all available relevant information. Through open communication a program or scope of work will be quickly established.

Site Analysis

Our team at Booth Architecture conducts a thorough evaluation of each project, and a key factor in each project is the project site. Whether it be a room in an existing building, a vacant lot, or an entire city, each site is unique and brings its own challenges and opportunities. 

Our experience and with the help of other specialists and engineers that we work with, it allows us the ability to assess sites quickly and accurately, enabling us to offer our clients better value and a project tailored to its specific location.


Each project undertaken by Booth Architecture is given to Ted, Kelsey or both. We coordinate all the scheduling and planning of activities.

This helps assure our clients of the daily personal involvement of our team for each project. By being a smaller firm it helps eliminate confusion that may be experienced in having to deal with numerous technical consultants as the project progresses. 

At the beginning of the project, a schedule is developed to ensure timely completion of each phase and the overall time schedule while allowing sufficient time necessary to achieve the client's desires.


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At Booth Architecture, our projects are second to none. No matter how large or small your vision is, we can help make it a reality. Check out our project portfolios below then contact us to make your vision come to life!