Pita Pit Complex [Pocatello,ID]
Pita Pit is just one of many businesses in a family of buildings within the Pocatello Square Development. Booth designed these buildings to tie into one another while being very adaptable to individual tenant spaces and requirements.  
Ashley Home Furnishings [Pocatello, ID]
As one of the largest retail stores Booth designed, Ashley Furniture is over 30,000 square feet. Booth Architecture worked with owner Bryon Goody as well as Ashley Corporate throughout the design process. We visited other stores and combined the positive elements on many in the design. Many things came into play to accommodate the corporate lighting, décor merchandising plans. This project has become one of Pocatello’s retail showpieces.
Sherwin Williams [Chubbuck, ID]
As the first building on the new Knutsen Development Sherwin Williams was the pioneer. Booth designed the new store to fit the corporate model. Other leasable tenant space is also designed into the building. 
Jensen Jewelers [Pocatello, ID]
Tired of being controlled by mall restrictions, Jensen Jewelers contacted Booth Architecture to break out. Booth designed Jensen’s a new home as well as leasable space for other tenants. Located in a new retail development, the Jensen’s building paved the way for much new development.
Pocatello Powersports [Pocatello,ID]
Powersports was built upon its existing location. The new facility includes a large showroom, offices, service center, as well as much needed storage above. This has allowed Powersports to better serve the community while giving the customer an inviting shopping environment.



Willie's A&W Restaurant [Pocatello, ID]

Booth Architecture is proud to be the architect for the upcoming A&W Restaurant located at 1335 N. Arthur. This will be a great addition to the area. This Facility is set to open in mid June and can't wait for the impact it will make on our community.


340 E. Clark St. Ste. A Pocatello ID 83201 US