340 E. Clark St. Ste. A Pocatello ID 83201 US
Fishing Pergola [Pocatello, ID]
Designed for a private retreat, this fishing pergola allows the owner to prepare and serve his catch while overlooking the private fishing pond.



Residential is not a big part of our work, but we are honored when our valued clients ask us to help with the planning that affects their lives and family. 

As we respect their privacy, the examples are few, and their names are withheld. Our goal is to take advantage of the surroundings when designing to optimize the views. 
SEICAA Manor [Pocatello, ID]
Designed for SEICAA, this ten unit transitional apartment complex is multi-level and includes ADA accommodations as well as a community room.
Triplex [Pocatello,ID]
This triplex was designed for transitional housing. It houses three separate families including ADA accommodations.
Pool House [Pocatello, ID]
This pool house is located just off of the main residence. It includes a pool, hot tub, sauna, kitchenette, guest loft, and is the perfect way for the family to unwind in privacy.
Residents Home [Pocatello, ID]
We get many clients who are wanting new home designs as well as remodels of their exiting homes. With each home being different, we strive to give the client what they are looking for with their design and help make it come to life.
Theater [Pocatello,ID]
Theaters are a common addition to many homes these days. This fully automated custom theater includes a concession area and theater seating.