Many times the existing building works fine, but appears tired.

Booth Architecture has performed many facelifts on existing structures. This can give them a new lease on life at a fraction of the price of new construction. 
Bank of Idaho [Idaho Falls,ID]
Bank of Idaho had the perfect location, but far from a perfect building. Booth transformed this existing building into a structure to be proud of. The new design incorporates new covered drive-through tellers, and rich maintenance free finishes that tie into surrounding locations.
Booth Condo's [Pocatello, ID]
Feeling growing pains, Booth Architecture needed to expand, but didn’t want to build from scratch. With the ideal building just down the street, a partnership was formed and a condominium was created. Three partners purchased the building, divided it into separate ownership, and remodeled into the new home of Booth Architecture and Homeland Real Estate. 
Fire Station #3 [Pocatello,ID]
Located on Pocatello’s main entrance, the dated fire station had a negative influence on visitors. Even though the location and function of the building serve the city well, something had to be done to the exterior. Booth Architecture designed a new roof overbuild as well as an updated appearance. 
Silver Dollar [Pocatello, ID]
This old strip mall was once a thriving structure. Time took its toll, and tenants began to flee. Booth added parapets, timbers, and new glazing to bring this building back to life. The result is a fully occupied and profitable real estate.



Citizens Community Bank Corporate Offices [Pocatello, ID]

Booth Architecture is proud to be the architect for the upcoming Citizens Community Bank Corporate office addition that is located in the downtown Pocatello area. This addition is located just south-east of the existing corporate offices in the old Zions Bank building. Great work from Construction Services Inc. and Acoustic Specialties. 

Jakers Bar and Grill [Pocatello, ID]

Located in the old Ruby Tuesday, Jakers Bar and Grill turned the place around. With exterior and interior renovations this is a great addition to the community. After being gone for many years we are happy to have Jakers back.

Greek Orthodox Church [Pocatello, ID]

A nearly 100-year-old church, is receiving a face-lift. This cherished fixture in the community will still look the same when the renovations are completed. Booth Architecture along with the Church committee came up with plans from the existing building which had some structural issues that needed to be addressed. Everything is being constructed witht he same design used 99 years ago and the materials will look the same. 

300 Block [Pocatello, ID]
In this case, the owner had solid tenants in a tired building. A quick face-lift provided them with a new positive presence without relocating.


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