Pocatello Chubbuck Auditorium District Event Center [Chubbuck, ID]

Grace Lutheran Church and School has graciously decided to finance and construct this new facility. A much welcomed addition to the community, this will include play for up to three basketball or volleyball courts. The design also accommodates trade show's and concerts.This facility is now open and functioning on a daily basis.

Highland High School [Pocatello, ID]
Highland High School has gone through many upgrades to help facilitate its students and make it a comfortable and usable atmosphere. With school once being multiple buildings not connected they have worked on connecting all of the buildings. With this latest connection they have enclosed the walkway from Building C & E. This enclosure will be a great addition to this facility.

Getting involved in the community is something that we strive to do.

No matter the size or the program we are always welcoming projects that help the community and get the citizens to enjoy the great city that they live in.
OK Ward Park Pavilion [Pocatello, ID]
Kids will be kids, so Booth designs to incorporate block and steel. This was done to keep the structure vandal resistant. Another design element was to eliminate roosting points for pigeons. This project dates back a few years, but is good as new. This is due to the city maintenance crew as well as the materials used.
South Bannock Library [McCammon, ID]
Nearly new this building is a big part of the community. In addition to a typical library, it offers a community area for local events. As the owner wanted to go “green”, Booth implemented solar panels and switchgear. Much of this expense was absorbed by federal grants.
Firebird Raceway [Emmett, ID]
The latest addition to Firebird Raceway is a new timing tower. As the track sets in a valley, Booth recessed the structure so the timing equipment can be accessed from track level. The upper floor includes VIP viewing and lounges that are accessible from the upper spectator level.
Outer Limits Fun Zone [Pocatello, ID]
Outer Limits is another facility that is not new to the area, but a vital link to our youth. Some of the amenities include: restaurant, arcade, laser tag, party rooms, and miniature golf. Outer Limits provides year round enjoyment even in our frigid winters.
Ross Park Aquatic Center [Pocatello, ID]
Ross Park goes back a few years, but it is not every day you have the opportunity to design a facility such as this. Ted Booth worked closely with the City of Pocatello to get the biggest bang for the buck. The aquatic center includes; a bath house, lap pool, activity pool, lazy river, kiddie pool, water slide renovation, park area, and equipment building. Each of these pools is on their own pump & filter system to prevent cross contamination. The center is still running strong today.
Social Security / ODAR Building [Pocatello, ID]
Typical of many businesses SSA/ODAR has outgrown their existing home. Working closely with the developer, SSA, GSA, and ODAR, Booth Architecture has created the new home they desperately needed.
Detention Facilities [Pocatello, Idaho Falls ID]
Detention facilities are not common construction and not something we work on a daily basis. Ted Booth has had experience in this field. A few of these include the District V Juvenile Detention facility in Pocatello and the Bonneville Jail in Idaho Falls. 

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