340 E. Clark St. Ste. A Pocatello ID 83201 US
Bingham Memorial Hospital Idaho Kidney Institute Dialysis Center [Blackfoot, ID]
Booth Architecture in conjunction with Christopher Kidd and Associates is happy to be working on the new Kidney Dialysis center. This new facility is located on the Bingham Memorial hospital campus and is a great addition to the area.
Learning Zone [Pocatello, ID]
Booth’s latest daycare is located within the Gold’s Gym complex. This location will allow your children to learn & play as you hit the gym. The colors & shapes keep their minds busy in the numerous pods.
Wilks Funeral Home [Chubbuck, ID]
Another side of care is for the afterlife. Alongside owner Brock Wilks, Booth Architecture recently added the largest funeral home in the area. In addition to the usual preparatory areas, it includes a crematory, three chapels, and a reception area.
Davis Dental [Pocatello, ID]
Davis Dental was designed as an upscale dental facility. In addition to the latest in dental design, waiting areas with massage chairs were added as well as rich finishes throughout.
Idaho Hyperbaric [Pocatello, ID]
Hyperbaric treatment is a rapidly expanding treatment. Pocatello is proud to be one of the largest hyperbaric chambers in the region. Due to the demand of this specialized treatment, the owner added housing units to accommodate the patients from outside the local area. 
Health West [Aberdeen, ID]
The latest addition to the HealthWest family was placed in Aberdeen, Idaho
Bingham Memorial Hospital [Blackfoot, ID]
Booth Architecture has provided services for many Bingham Memorial projects over the years. These include; planning, additions, interior & exterior remodeling, renovations, to name a few. Booth Architecture has other projects in the works, and looks forward to many years of continued service.



Healthcare has experienced growth in the past few years.

This is a very in-depth design and must meet many regulations as well as those of the owner. Booth welcomes this growth and has become a larger portion of our work every year.
Skyline Surgery Center [Pocatello, ID]
Pocatello’s newest surgery center is located within an existing medical building. The new facility consists of three OR’s, pre-op, post-op as well as all the necessary support facilities. All of this was achieved wit out disrupting the operations of the adjacent area.
Primary Care Specialists [Pocatello, ID]
This new medical facility has many uses. It contains medical offices for three practitioners, urgent care, x-ray, and a procedure suite. All of these services are under one roof, but can be operated as separate businesses and hours. As the building site was just as visible from the back as the front, so Booth continued the entry motif around the building. 
First Choice Urgent Care [Blackfoot, ID]
This new facility provides off-site urgent care for Bingham Memorial Hospital. It contains exam rooms, lab, x-ray, and MRI service for those on the go. The architecture is intended to tie into the surrounding structures within the development.